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Welcome to BAC Auto Centre in Waterloo – Your Trusted Destination for Premier Auto Repair and Service!

At BAC Auto Centre, we’re more than just a service centre; we’re your partners in keeping your vehicle running smoothly and safely on the road. With a strong commitment to excellence and a team of highly skilled technicians, we specialize in providing top-tier auto repair and maintenance services that keep your car performing at its best.

As your local auto repair shop of choice, we take pride in delivering unmatched quality and reliability in every service we offer.

Maintain your engine’s peak performance and extend your vehicle’s lifespan with our expert oil change service, using top-quality oil and filters by our skilled technicians at BAC Auto Centre.

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Revitalize your vehicle’s exhaust system with our professional services at BAC Auto Centre. Our expert technicians will ensure optimal performance and a quieter ride, so you can enjoy the road with confidence.

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At BAC Auto Centre, we take your safety seriously, which is why we offer expert brake services to keep your vehicle’s stopping power at its best. Our skilled technicians will inspect, repair, or replace your brakes as needed, ensuring you can drive with confidence and peace of mind.

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Elevate your driving experience with our tire services at BAC Auto Centre. From tire rotations to replacements, our expert team will ensure your vehicle’s tires are in prime condition, enhancing safety and performance on the road.

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Stay cool and comfortable during your drives while staying warm in winter with our professional air conditioner and heating service at BAC Auto Centre. Our skilled technicians will diagnose, repair, and recharge your A/C system for summer comfort and ensure your heating system is in top shape for cozy winter journeys. We guarantee your vehicle’s climate control is running efficiently, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing or toasty environment inside your car, regardless of the weather outside.

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Experience smoother rides and better handling with our steering and suspension services at BAC Auto Centre. Our expert technicians will diagnose and address issues to ensure your vehicle’s stability and safety on the road, providing you with a more comfortable and controlled driving experience.

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Keep your vehicle reliably powered with our battery services at BAC Auto Centre. Our skilled technicians will test, replace, and maintain your battery to ensure it delivers consistent performance, so you can start your engine with confidence every time.

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Experience smoother and more efficient drives with our CV joint and driveshaft services at BAC Auto Centre. Our expert technicians will diagnose and repair issues to ensure your vehicle’s power transmission remains reliable, allowing for safe and comfortable journeys on the road.

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What our Clients Say

Took my SUV in for a flex pipe replacement. I was pleased to learn only one pipe needed to be replaced, very honest of them. Work was done quickly, well in advance of when I expected to get the vehicle back. Excellent service from the team there, would definitely recommend.

RJ Payne

Would highly recommend this auto shop! He was very professional, very helpful & had great prices. Many auto shops referred me to replace a part in my car. But BAC Auto Center helped me fix it and saved me from high bill. Will definitely come back.

Gowtham Reddy

I was promptly greeted and registered for a safety for my car. I was offered coffe or water during my wait which was approximately an hour. Very happy with the service. The technician assured me that the car was fully functional. Didn’t need any repairs. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service.

Laura Clarke